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Enabling Sustainability in IT

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals Through Intelligent Orchestration

We enable businesses to optimize their CSR efforts through comprehensive data analytics, efficient resource management, and granular reporting capabilities.

ESG Sustainability Kubeark

Meeting the Mandate for Sustainability

As ESG performance grows in importance, enterprises must proactively curb their carbon footprints. Failure to do so risks high capital costs from inaccurate reporting inhibiting affordable loans.

Non-compliance with regulations like the CSRD also threatens large financial penalties. Companies are liable to pay up to €10M Euros or 5% of annual revenue, according to the new laws.


The Kubeark Solution

Kubeark is the all-in-one platform capable of monitoring Carbon Emissions regardless of cloud vendors, in a single unified dashboard, with capabilities to tune and adjust consumption patterns, lower CO2 Emissions and bring visibility to Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions.

Each automation carried out by Kubeark leads to a measurable decrease in CO2 emissions. Also, you can use Kubeark to schedule workloads to run on servers or regions best suited for the job.


Change the Way in Which You Manage ESG Data with Kubeark:


Single source of truth for ESG data

Kubeark brings together ESG the scattered data across different systems into a single dashboard, providing a unified source of truth for measuring and reporting on sustainability metrics.


Streamlined framework

Kubeark provides a structured approach and framework for managing ESG data, which lacks standardized reporting. This helps organizations streamline their data strategies for sustainability reporting.


Simplified data complexities

Kubeark can optimize data processes end-to-end and helps efficiently navigate these complexities when developing sustainability strategies and initiatives.


Alignment with CSRD directives

Kubeark adheres to EU reporting standards, such as the CSRD, and supports long-term compliance. Its dashboards can monitor sustainability KPIs over time and measure progress towards targets. This ensures organizations are well-aligned to mandatory sustainability directives.



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