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Manage your software operations
at scale, on any infrastructure

Kubeark simplifies the software lifecycle, allowing you to efficiently deploy, monitor, and iterate on your applications, reducing time-to-market, and driving continuous improvement.


The Kubeark Platform


Streamline software lifecycles with dynamic deployment, efficient multi-cluster management, and configurable app blueprints. Ensure robust governance, compliance, and reduced human errors across multi-cloud and multi-infrastructure environments.

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Seamlessly maintain software with zero-downtime updates and adaptive maintenance powered by SVN/CI/CD integration, automated workflows, and job management. Boost preventive maintenance through comprehensive audits for secure, up-to-date operations.

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Maximize technology ROI with real-time usage and cost optimization insights, integrated in BI tools for data-driven decision-making and resource management. Streamline cloud marketplace transactions, and accelerate iteration with automation and targeted deployments.

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Multicloud ready
Infrastructure agnostic

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Private cloud

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Public cloud

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Hybrid cloud

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Open systems

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Closed systems

Actionable Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights that drive better decision-making and improve your bottom line. Easily access and analyze your data to make informed business decisions, uncover where your cloud budget is spent and reduce your cloud usage costs.​

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Focus on innovation and growth

Now you can deliver high-quality software products, knowing that your software operations are managed effectively and efficiently. Kubeark reduces complexity and integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure and third-party tools.


Deployment and release management

Agnostic infrastructure management, multi-cluster management, and dynamic deployment capabilities.


Scalability and high availability

Multi-premise and multi-region deployment, with built-in support for CI/CD across infrastructure objects, templates, deployments, and applications.


Proactive maintenance

Corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive maintenance capabilities, including zero downtime updates, patching, and vulnerability checks.


Governance and compliance

Identity management, governance, and policy enforcement; template compliance and full audit trails of template and parameter changes.


Cost and resource optimization

Real-time infrastructure cost insights, custom resource pricing, and efficient cloud provider utilization for informed resource allocation.


Continuous improvement

Feedback, analytics, and business insights in aggregated reports in BI tools for data-driven decision-making.

Built for teams who demand agility, control, and scalability


Gain control over your software lifecycle

Manage and maintain multiple application versions with ease, ensuring efficient deployment and updates.




Streamline software development and deployment processes with a single code base for on-premises and SaaS products, reducing time-to-market for products.


Drive continuous improvement

Access real-time cost predictions and detailed analytics for informed product decisions and resource allocation.

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Future-proof your architecture

Easily accommodate changes in the environment and address issues proactively.


Efficiently manage large-scale, distributed apps

across multiple environments with agnostic infrastructure management, multi-cluster management, and dynamic deployment.


Improve scalability, performance & availability

with multi-premise and multi-region deployment, as well as built-in support for CI/CD across infrastructure objects, templates, deployments, and applications.

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Optimize resource and cost management

Gain greater control over resource utilization and cost optimization strategies to minimize expenses.


Improve forecasting and monitoring

Access advanced analytics and insights for better decision-making and resource planning.


Streamline billing and revenue recognition

Automate quote-to-cash processes and improve accuracy in billing and revenue recognition.

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Open new revenue streams from cloud marketplaces

Expand sales opportunities, diversify revenue sources, and drive business growth.


Tap into pre-committed cloud budgets

of customers and offer multiple payment alternatives for cloud usage, while avoiding long sales cycles and vendor onboarding.


Shorten your sales cycle

Accelerate the sales process and close deals more quickly, improving performance and efficiency.

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Ready to unlock infinite possibilities?

Let us show you how simple it can be to manage your software operations at scale, on any infrastructure.



What is Kubeark?

Kubeark is a platform designed to streamline infrastructure and deployment management, enable scalability and high availability, ensure security and compliance, and optimize costs and resource usage. We automate and centralize various aspects of software operations, reducing time-to-market and driving continuous improvement to foster innovation and growth.

Can Kubeark optimize costs?

Yes, Kubeark provides real-time insights into infrastructure costs, custom resource pricing, and efficient cloud provider utilization. We enable informed decision-making and resource allocation, ultimately driving efficiency and growth.

Can Kubeark strengthen compliance?

Kubeark provides built-in features for identity management, governance, policy enforcement, and template-based compliance. We also automate audits and ensures process transparency, helping organizations adhere to industry standards and local regulations.

How does Kubeark streamline deployments?

Kubeark offers agnostic infrastructure management, multi-cluster management, and dynamic deployment capabilities. These features ensure seamless deployment and release management across multiple clusters, environments, and platforms.

Does Kubeark support SaaS/on-premise?

Yes, Kubeark supports both SaaS and on-premise deployments, providing a seamless transition between the two models while maintaining performance, reliability, and security.

Who benefits most from Kubeark?

Kubeark empowers various roles across the organization, including product management, DevOps & infrastructure, FinOps & RevOps, sales & business development, and executive leadership. Our platform enables faster time-to-market, enhances lifecycle management, improves scalability and performance, optimizes resources and costs, and drives innovation. Kubeark facilitates data-driven decision-making, streamlines billing and revenue recognition, and expands revenue opportunities, improving the bottom line and fostering growth.