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Your Partner for Simplified, Sustainable IT Operations

The Kubeark platform equips leaders with the orchestration and automation capabilities needed to improve business efficiency, decrease operational costs, and enable sustainable investments.

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The Kubeark Platform

Complete IT Observability

Achieve full-stack visibility across all decentralized hybrid assets through integrated monitoring, gaining clarity on shadow IT risks, SaaS sprawl, licensing, and access with a single source of truth view.

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Kubeark Workflows. Automate processes in enterprise environments with ease

Holistic System Orchestration

Centrally coordinate activities, dependencies, and hand-offs between teams with end-to-end orchestration of software systems, delivery, infrastructure management and workflows.

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Effective Compliance

Exercise complete governance over resources, configurations, policies and role-based access with unified management of your hybrid environment from a single control plane.

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End-to-end Data Lifecycle

Aggregate all metrics, securely store data, and generate real-time insights including carbon footprint analysis through reporting and analytics for strategic resource optimization and sustainability decision-making.

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Actionable Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights that drive better decision-making and improve your bottom line. Easily access and analyze your data to make informed business decisions, uncover where your cloud budget is spent and reduce your cloud usage costs.​

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Focus on Business Efficiency

Enable innovation, knowing your IT ecosystem is intelligently managed. Workflows seamlessly integrate disparate tasks across domains, transforming IT into an agile, value-driven function.

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System Orchestration

Streamline cross-team processes by coordinating systems and tools for efficient and cohesive operations.

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Application Modernization

Future-proof your applications by embracing dynamic scalability and adaptive mobility.


Resource Maximization

Granular insights, custom resource pricing, and budget control for informed resource allocation and sustainable investments.

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Business Efficiency

Make IT an operational efficiency champion by rapidly adapting processes and apps to changing business needs.

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Governance and Compliance

Identity management, governance, and policy enforcement; template compliance and full audit trails of template and parameter changes.

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Deployment and Release Management

Agnostic infrastructure management, multi-cluster management, and dynamic deployment capabilities.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

Drive cost savings, efficiency gains, and revenue growth through optimized resource utilization and streamlined operations. 


Accelerate Decision-making

Base strategic decisions on real-time data and insights to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Maintain Compliance

Safeguard your organization's reputation and ensure adherence to company standards regulations.

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Task Automation

Minimize manual effort and human error through infrastructure automation, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.


Simplified System Maintenance

Streamline maintenance processes, reducing complexity and time spent on routine tasks.


Improved System Efficiency

Boost the overall efficiency of your systems, while increasing cost savings and better resource utilization.

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Efficiently Manage Large-Scale, Distributed Apps

Simplify the management of complex, distributed applications, ensuring smooth operations.


Enhance App Scalability

Elevate your apps’ scalability and performance through advanced deployment strategies, while benefiting from integrated CI/CD support spanning systems, templates, deployments, and applications.


Accelerate Software Delivery

Continuously deliver new features and improvements to apps via automated testing, deployment, and release for rapid iteration and faster time to market.

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Use Low-code Workflow Automation

Quickly build automation logic and pipelines with an intuitive no-code/low-code interface instead of complex scripting.


Improve Collaboration

Break down silos by connecting individual workstreams from different teams or systems into cohesive end-to-end workflows.


Trigger Actions on Events or Manual Approvals

Automate responses to changes in environment health, application usage, or other factors. Also integrate approval gates to ensure governance and compliance.

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Foster Sustainability

Kubeark enables efficient resource utilization and workload management, reducing the carbon footprint of data centres and cloud infrastructure.


Drive Sustainable Processes

With Kubeark you can manage large-scale applications, optimizing resource usage, reducing energy consumption, and decrease e-waste.


Achieve and Ensure ESG Compliance

Monitor your carbon emissions across multiple cloud vendors from a single dashboard. Kubeark can dynamically tune your company’s electricity consumption, minimize CO2 emissions, and improve scope 3 emissions.

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