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Zetta Cloud  -  January 2023

Zetta Cloud supercharges AI Text Analytics with Kubeark

Zetta Cloud, a prominent Romanian software provider, specializes in end-to-end Adaptive Text Analytics solutions. Their innovative AI-powered products enable Public Sector and regulated industries organizations to harness Digital and AI Sovereignty through secure and adaptable AI content understanding technologies.

Over €100,000 in annual cost savings
Successful transition to a SaaS model
Faster deployment times and increased accessibility to products
Improved customer satisfaction and unlocked new revenue streams.

Accelerating deployment and unleashing new revenue streams with Kubeark

With Kubeark's expertise, Zetta Cloud successfully transformed their AI Text Analytics solutions into a SaaS model, leading to cost savings of over 27% of their annual turnover, and unlocking new revenue streams. They achieved faster deployment times, improved customer satisfaction, and increased accessibility to their products.

The challenge


Zetta Cloud sought to expand its client base into the private sector but faced the challenge of efficiently scaling and distributing their AI Text Analytics offerings. They needed a platform that could transition their solutions to a SaaS model, ensuring high performance, security, and ease of use for their customers.

With Kubeark: seamless SaaSification and optimal resource allocation

Kubeark enabled Zetta Cloud to effortlessly SaaSify, manage, and scale their AI Text Analytics solutions. With Kubeark's open deployment strategy and resource allocation expertise, Zetta Cloud minimized infrastructure costs and maintained high performance and reliability across multiple cloud providers and infrastructures.

Transforming traditional installations into instant access


“Kubeark took our product, which previously was installed manually by the client in their own infrastructure, and made it into a solution available instantly, on any infrastructure. In this version, the clients have easy access to everything they want.”

George Bara

Co-founder and Head of Business Development
Zetta Cloud

The journey continues: democratizing AI and expanding no-code solutions

Zetta Cloud's collaboration with Kubeark led to cost savings of over 27% of their annual turnover, and accelerated their deployment times, customer satisfaction, and product accessibility. They plan to continue working with Kubeark to SaaSify their no-code AI platform “AI Factory”, making it available through the Azure marketplace. This will further democratize AI in the business environment and provide non-technical users with the ability to create custom ML engines according to their needs and AI models.