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Effective and Automated Sanctions Screening

Enhance your Compliance Strategy

Ensure your enterprise remains compliant in a dynamic regulatory environment.


Master the Compliance Landscape

Different international bodies may impose conflicting sanctions, complicating compliance efforts. Companies must stay informed and adjust their screening protocols as sanctions evolve or are lifted by one authority while maintained by others.

As international sanctions grow in scope and complexity, companies must implement robust sanctions screening procedures to avoid severe legal, financial, and reputational consequences, such as fines, loss of business and license revocation, operational disruptions, stock value impact, and even criminal charges.


The Kubeark Solution

With Kubeark you can seamlessly integrate background checks into your systems, allowing you to implement rigorous screening processes across all stakeholders, including customers, vendors, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), employees, and other associated parties.

Also automate the integration within the 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) procedures, conducted at regular intervals, and enable meticulous documentation to prove compliance checks.


With Kubeark, you can:


Dynamic List Management

Kubeark regularly maintains its sanctions lists to keep firms informed of potential threats without maintenance delays. Kubeark can also be customized and integrated with current processes.


Automated Alerts

Kubeark provides instant notifications to compliance teams when potential matches or hits are detected on the sanctions list, facilitating prompt investigation and action to mitigate risks.


Integration Capabilities

The system integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and ERP platforms, enhancing existing workflows with robust security measures without causing disruptions.


Customizable Screening Parameters

Kubeark offers customisable screening tools to suit regulatory standards and risk profiles because risk varies by industry and company strategy. The platform can add data sources to meet your needs and be changed to match your operating procedures, enabling smooth integration into your compliance framework.

Benefits of Using Kubeark

  • 20%-40% Improved Efficiency: Kubeark’s automation technology serves as a primary KYC/sanctions checker, significantly cutting manual verification time by continually screening against updated sanctions lists. Although this boosts initial screenings, it retains essential human oversight for final alert decisions, allowing efficient resource allocation and maintaining hands-on reviews when needed.
  • Consistency: Kubeark reliably maps client records, minimizing errors and ensuring uniformity across profiles for dependable eligibility assessments and regulatory compliance.
  • Timeliness: Kubeark provides real-time compliance status updates synchronized with the latest sanctions, crucial for avoiding risks from delayed compliance and ensuring immediate awareness of sanctioned entities.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce compliance-related expenses by 40%-60%, optimizing financial resources across your operations.


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