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Empowering enterprises to innovate and scale with sky computing and next-gen software operations management

Bogdan Nedelcov
Bogdan Nedelcov

May 04, 2023

The world is changing rapidly and, more than ever, needs comprehensive, adaptable, and user-friendly solutions. That's why I am thrilled to announce the latest release of our pioneering software operations platform, inspired by the remarkable potential of sky computing. This is how we empower businesses to innovate and scale seamlessly, regardless of their technology environment. 

Unlocking the power of sky computing

Today, enterprises face considerable challenges in streamlining operations and maintaining strict oversight of resources in multi-cloud environments. With 85% of businesses using multiple cloud platforms, sky computing is the key to compatibility and interoperability across various clouds and infrastructures. Our latest Kubeark platform release tackles this trend, enhancing digital transformation through three core service areas: 

  • Streamlining software lifecycles across multiple infrastructures to accelerate go-to-market strategies and transform legacy software into efficient SaaS solutions. 
  • Ensuring seamless software maintenance and governance for efficient and secure operations. 
  • Providing substantial financial advantages by optimizing resource usage, cost management, and increasing visibility and profitability across cloud platforms. 

Our mission at Kubeark is to help businesses unlock their technology stack's full potential through simplicity and a single point of contact for software operations management. By leveraging sky computing, we make it possible for companies at any stage of their cloud innovation journey to access the best resources from any cloud, anytime. 

Seamless integration with world's major cloud marketplaces

In this release, we have integrated seamlessly with the world's major cloud marketplaces, enabling end-to-end automation for marketplace listing and transactions. This feature allows organizations to rapidly capitalize on untapped revenue streams from the cloud and unlock new go-to-market opportunities. 

Our platform now provides centralized multi-cloud management, enabling users to deploy applications in any cloud without extensive DevOps knowledge or additional tools. This increased visibility and simplified monitoring improve overall performance and foster innovation and growth. 

Greater control and flexibility with this release

We've also added features like cluster grouping for greater control and flexibility, streamlining the deployment process and reducing costs associated with inefficient resource allocation. With dynamic licensing, customers can create custom licensing plans that suit their needs and budgets, optimizing usage and minimizing wasted resources. 

Security is our top priority

At Kubeark, security is a top priority. By integrating Identity Provider (IDP) systems and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, we enhance platform security, minimize the risk of unauthorized access, and simplify the user authentication process. 

Supported by powerful partnerships

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, and we're grateful for the support of our customers and partners, such as Stefanini Infinit and Zetta Cloud. Together, we are revolutionizing digital transformation and technology scaling for enterprises. 

Our vision is to transform how businesses approach software operations management by harnessing the power of sky computing. We are eager to witness the impact our platform will have on the market and help you innovate and scale with sky computing. As we move forward, we remain committed to driving innovation and digital transformation within companies.  

Join us in embracing the power of sky computing – our team is here to help you take your next step in digital transformation.  Request a demo today and let us show you how Kubeark can transform your software operations management and accelerate your business growth.