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Top 3 reasons why we celebrate Pi Day at Kubeark

Bogdan Dumitru
Bogdan Dumitru

Mar 14, 2023

At Kubeark, we celebrate Pi Day for more than just the fun of it. Pi Day is a celebration of precision and accuracy, which are fundamental in both mathematics, science, and software development and operations. So today we’re explaining the top three reasons why Pi Day is important to us at Kubeark, from enabling innovation to unlocking infinite possibilities. 

What is Pi Day and why do we celebrate it? 

Pi Day is a global celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (π), observed annually on March 14th - especially in countries that use the MM/DD/YYYY date format. The tradition was founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw, who chose the date because it represents the first three digits of pi (3.14). Additionally, March 14th is also the birthday of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all time, making it a perfect occasion to celebrate the wonders of math and science. 

Some also celebrate Pi Approximation Day on July 22nd. This day represents the fraction 22/7, which is commonly used as an approximation of pi. 

In 2009, the United States House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution recognizing March 14th as National Pi Day in the US. The resolution encourages schools and educators to celebrate the day with appropriate activities that teach students about pi and its importance in mathematics and science. 

But Pi Day's importance extends beyond schools and educators. At Kubeark, we recognize the significance of precision, accuracy, innovation, and infinite possibilities in math and science, as well as in software development and operations. 

Reason #1: We are fans of precision and accuracy 

Precision and accuracy are essential in software development and operations, just like the mathematical constant π is infinitely precise and essential in fields such as engineering, physics, and astronomy. On the Kubeark side, we help businesses achieve precision and accuracy in their technical development by providing a platform that simplifies software scalability and infrastructure management. With our platform, software creators can dynamically deploy their applications to any environment with customized deployment that meets their specific business needs. They can also automate DevOps tasks, eliminate the need for manual scripts, and simplify governance and change management.   

Reason #2: We aim to unlock infinite possibilities 

The number Pi has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, and enthusiasts for centuries due to its infinite nature and its applications across various fields. At Kubeark, we strive to unlock infinite possibilities for our users. Our open, infrastructure-agnostic platform enables businesses to scale their operations quickly and reliably, unleashing their full potential without sacrificing performance or reliability. Kubeark simplifies software scalability, freeing up DevOps teams to accelerate success and take control over complex technical development.   

Reason #3: We believe in innovation 

Pi has been used throughout history as a tool for innovation in various fields, from designing buildings and bridges to exploring space and understanding the universe. Similarly, we enable innovation by providing a flexible and scalable platform that allows businesses to explore new ideas and create solutions that drive growth and improve their bottom line. 

Powerful scalability isn’t just an abstract concept; it is essential for businesses to succeed in today's ever-changing market. So let's celebrate Pi Day by recognizing the value of precision, accuracy, innovation, and infinite possibilities in math and science, as well as in software development and operations. 

At Kubeark, we focus on unleashing powerful scalability perspectives for our customers, empowering them to maximize engineering performance and efficiency, get to new markets faster, and monetize to new customers. To learn more,  get in touch today.