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Unlock SaaS ROI: Leveraging Azure Marketplace

Bogdan Dumitru
Bogdan Dumitru

Mar 16, 2023

Today, we're thrilled to share valuable insights on how your business can skyrocket to success using Azure Marketplace. Buckle up and get ready to turbocharge your growth as we delve into the world of cloud computing and the incredible opportunities it can unleash for your business. Let's dive in!

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses store data and manage software applications. Being listed on the Azure Marketplace can provide a plethora of benefits for companies seeking to develop and extend their operations.

Partnering with Azure Marketplace enables you to tap into a global market and reach millions of potential customers. Combine this with powerful solutions like Kubeark, and you can further optimize your cloud spend and drive revenue growth like never before.

What's the buzz about Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace, a hub for SaaS offerings, is a launchpad for joint marketing initiatives with Microsoft, designed to accelerate your organization's expansion. Microsoft describes it as "an online store that contains thousands of IT software applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies."

Azure Marketplace allows software suppliers to showcase their cloud solutions to enterprises worldwide while handling account and billing systems on your behalf. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can also offer their services through the marketplace. Simply sign up as a Microsoft partner, and your product is ready to list!

Being listed on Azure Marketplace makes it easy for clients to find your solution, turning it into an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers.

The Marketplace allows you to sell three primary types of products:

  • Software, including online applications, virtual machine images, and developer services
  • Data services, encompassing business intelligence, analytics, and networking services
  • Consulting services.

Why should your product be listed on Azure Marketplace?

Microsoft aims to collaborate with partners and consumers through Marketplace solutions, helping them grow their businesses. By listing your product or service, you'll benefit from:

  • Higher visibility: Gain instant exposure to millions of users who visit Azure Marketplace each month.
  • Increased credibility: Microsoft's trusted brand lends credibility to your business, and the rigorous verification process ensures only high-quality offerings are available on the platform.
  • Access to a global market: Azure Marketplace is available worldwide, allowing you to reach customers across the globe and expand your business in exciting new ways.
  • New revenue streams: Tap into a new source of potential revenue with the marketplace's vast user base and global reach.
  • Simple deployment and management: Azure Marketplace offers an easy-to-use platform for deploying, managing, and scaling your offerings without investing in costly infrastructure or technology.

"ISVs listed on Azure Marketplace have a quicker sales cycle. The connection with Azure strengthens their services' appeal, helping customers complete tasks more rapidly and with fewer obstacles", says Bogdan Dumitru, VP of Product at Kubeark.

How can Kubeark help?

 Let's talk about Kubeark's capabilities to help enhance your Azure Marketplace experience. We specialize in transforming your product into a SaaS offering and helping you list it seamlessly on Azure Marketplace. With our assistance, you can leverage the powerful benefits of SaaS and Azure Marketplace integration, ensuring your product reaches a global audience and enjoys the advantages of a trusted platform.

Once your product is listed, Kubeark automates the entire quote-to-cash-to-delivery process, letting you access customers' Azure pre-committed budgets to purchase products and services. This drives growth and increases your return on investment. Plus, it offers multiple payment options for cloud usage, streamlining your sales process while reducing security risks and human error.

Some key benefits of using Kubeark include:

  • Diversified payment options: Customers can use their cloud budgets to purchase not just Kubeark products and services, but other software and services too.
  • No more procurement headaches: Transactions are made and registered directly on the Microsoft Azure platform, eliminating the need for tenders and vendor selection.
  • Tap into "free money": Open new sales channels and access potential customers who may not have known about your business, driving growth and revenue expansion.

Taking full advantage of the MACC

If your company has signed a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), you can verify key details like start and end dates, remaining commitment, and eligible expenditure on the Azure portal or through REST APIs for Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) billing accounts or Enterprise Agreement (EA) billing accounts.

When a new MACC commitment is transacted before the expiration or completion of a previous MACC on the same enrollment or billing account, the real decrement will only start once the prior commitment expires or completes. In other words, if you have a new MACC on the same enrollment or billing account after a previous MACC expires or is finished, you can utilize the new commitment.

To wrap up this comprehensive blog, the Azure Marketplace offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses to tap into a global market and reach new customers. And by leveraging Kubeark, you can further optimize your cloud spend, streamline your sales process, and access new sales channels. This powerful combination can drive revenue growth and maximize your return on investment.

Don't miss out on the numerous benefits of being listed on the Azure Marketplace, especially when it comes to SaaS offerings, quick start, integration, and deployment. To learn more about how Kubeark can help your business grow and succeed,  get in touch today.