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What if your product compliance was a breeze?

Teo Harapcea
Teo Harapcea

Jan 19, 2023

Achieving compliance for your software products can be a daunting task for any tech business, especially when it comes to managing and scaling containerized applications. Kubernetes, or K8s, allows apps to be easily deployed on a variety of infrastructures, but with its complexity comes the challenge of compliance and industry-specific certifications. 

But what if you could make compliance a breeze?

What if you could layer in "compliance as a product" and deploy applications in a compliant way, keeping apps separate and safe with network segmentation and resource controls? 

Maintaining compliance over time is just as important as deploying your app, so you should benefit from having a templating system to help you build all the nuances of your infrastructure, making sure that no human error happens. Ideally, you could schedule and automate regular audits and testing to make sure that systems continue to meet compliance requirements over time. 

Not only that, but you should get additional help with the certification process. It would be easier to demonstrate compliance to the certifying body and speed up the certification process if there was a clear, well-documented way to deploy and manage applications. 

As you start looking for a tool to do all this, bear in mind that its security features should assist you with meeting FedRAMP requirements, such as controlling access to resources within your cluster and supporting secrets management, which will help you secure sensitive data. And it should use Kubernetes as a framework, so that it’s seen as a "best practice" for deploying and managing applications in the cloud, which can be helpful for demonstrating compliance with FedRAMP requirements. 

Compliance as a product can be incredibly helpful, even if it will never replace a thorough and well-designed compliance program. But if only there was a tool that could help you navigate the complexities of compliance, achieving it wouldn't have to be such a headache. 

Introducing Kubeark, the platform that offers compliance as a product

Our approach simplifies the process of integrating business operations into the delivery of software, providing visibility and insights to help companies develop and execute effective strategies, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the experience of the end user. We help companies navigate the complexities of scaling and managing their products, making achieving compliance easy and efficient.  

With Kubeark, you can deploy and manage your applications in a compliant manner, automate the process of achieving and maintaining compliance, and assist with the certification process by providing a clear and well-documented approach. With the help of Kubeark, you can have the peace of mind that your business is compliant and secure.