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CRM Connect  -  January 2023

Enabling CRMconnect to deliver
high-performance SaaS
to 5,000+ customers

CRMconnect, a top software provider, excels in delivering comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that enable the potential of supply and distribution chain via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Their state-of-the-art products help businesses streamline customer interactions and data management, enhancing customer experience and business efficiency.

5,000+ delighted customers
3" hybrid environment deployment
Seamless application and infrastructure management
Quote-to-cash on autopilot

Streamlining CRMconnect's Entire SaaS Process

CRMconnect successfully transitioned their CRM model to SaaS with Kubeark’s help. Now, their whole order-to-delivery process, infrastructure provision, product distribution, and product administration are handled without any DevOps/IT scripts or code. This strategic move allowed CRMconnect to minimize infrastructure costs while maintaining high performance and reliability across multiple cloud providers and infrastructures for their 5,000+ customers.

The challenge


CRMconnect had a significant issue. They wanted to transition their software into a SaaS model to make it more accessible to their customers. However, they lacked the necessary skills within their company to leverage Kubernetes for this transition.

A game-changer in streamlining deployment and enhancing accessibility


Kubeark came to the rescue, providing a swift SaaS deployment and dynamic infrastructure management. Kubeark's platform offered a hybrid-environment deployment, enabling flexibility in hosting based on client preferences. It ensured seamless application management with updates and monitoring features, empowering CRMconnect to track performance and make necessary adjustments. The implementation of Kubeark took just a few days, a significant achievement considering CRMconnect had been looking for a solution for over a year.

No longer needing manual scripts or code


"Kubeark has saved us months of development time and has created a robust infrastructure that not only helps us cut back on costs, but also increases our client retention with its elasticity. Our DevOps team has been thrilled to find out that they no longer need to maintain scripts and code to keep the platform up and running. Kubeark's technology has been a virtual plug-and-play into our hybrid environment."

Marius Michailov

Founder, CRMconnect

The journey continues: SaaS offering expansion 

CRMconnect's partnership with Kubeark led to a successful transition to a SaaS model, enabling them to reach their target of 5,000+ customers. They achieved faster deployment times, improved customer satisfaction, and increased accessibility to their products. As CRMconnect continue to expand their SaaS offerings and enhance customer experience, Kubeark will be there every step of the way, providing the tools and support they need to succeed.